Palliative Care Voices in the media

Here we will post a selection of media relating to the Palliative Care Voices network and members. Omitted from this  page are the Palliative Care Talks episodes which can be found on their dedicated page.

Dr Tedros Video for Lancet Report Launch

Dr Tedros appeared in this video to signify the launch of the Lancet Commission Report: Alleviating the Access Abyss in Palliative Care and Pain Relief, mentioning meeting Palliative Care Voices founder Lucy Watts, MBE.

Huyaam Samuels appears in The Why Factor episode on Pain


Palliative Care Voices member and passionate palliative care advocate, Huyaam Samuels, appeared in a BBC World Service piece, an episode of The Why Factor on living with pain.

Two clips from Huyaam’s interview can be viewed separately:

Direct stakeholders’ words heard at the World Health Organization Executive Board meeting

The voices of two Palliative Care Voices members, Lucy Watts, MBE, and Huyaam Samuels, were heard at the WHO Executive Board meeting in 2018. Their words had a tremendous impact on those at the meeting.

Following the session during which Lucy’s words were read, Dr Tedros, Director-General of the WHO, requested his details be passed onto Lucy so that they could speak, which took place a week later, in which Dr Tedros requested Lucy meet with him when he was next in the UK, which took place on 23 February 2018.

Dr Stephen Connor, Executive Director of the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance, read out Lucy’s words.

Lucy Watts MBE’s meeting with Dr Tedros, Director-General of the World Health Organization

On 23rd February 2018 Lucy met with Dr Tedros in London. Although their conversation was fairly brief, Dr Tedros had undoubtedly done his research as all the points Lucy wanted to make, he was already understanding of the issues and points raised, he listened to what Lucy had to say and both vowed to work together in future wherever Lucy could be of assistance to Tedros and vice versa.

Lucy’s vlog of her day including meeting with Dr Tedros:

Lucy Watts MBE’s Video – Is Palliative Care a Human Right?

Lucy Watts, MBE, on Palliative Care and Universal Health Coverage 2018

Lucy Watts, MBE, on Palliative Care and Universal Health Coverage 2017

Leanne Thompson – Rare Disease Day 2018

Palliative Care Voices member Leanne Thompson made this video for Rare Disease Day.

Articles in the press

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