Palliative Care Talks

In May 2018, Palliative Care Voices launched a new project called Palliative Care Talks. This is a web media series (a form of video podcast) in which two to four people are brought together to have a discussion about different topics and issues, and to share their personal story and experiences. The conversation is conducted and recorded via Zoom and is then minimally edited and uploaded to be publicly available online.

These episodes can centre on patients and/or carers and family members, professionals or other individuals, or can even have a mix of participants.

We hope to record regular episodes where possible. If you would like to participate in an episode or have a topic you’d like to suggest we tackle, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Episodes: Palliative Care Talks

Episode 1: Children’s Palliative Care

Hosted by Lucy Watts, MBE. Participating are Sharon Thompson and Stephanie Nimmo.

Episode 2: Follow the Child

Lucy Watts, MBE, and Sacha Langton-Gilks

To be featured on Palliative Care Talks, please contact us.